"Having accepted the fact that planning a funeral while grieving is a daunting task in itself; our company set out to conquer one mission. Simplify the process."

Sheila Barnes-Noel

Sales Director

Our Story

We took a leap of faith by creating a company that could compete with the life insurance industry and the funeral industry at the same time. our plan was to offer a hybrid option that would combine the two industries in the most affordable way. individuals purchase life insurance policies that can be used to pay for a funeral at a later date. The other option is to go to a funeral home and pre-pay for your funeral, which both option can be costly. our plans offer you the option to have a plan in place to ensure that your final wishes are met, without the qualifications that a life insurance company requires, and at a more affordable price than a funeral home would cost you. the need for our services have proving to be right. with over one hundred thousand active clients and growing rapidly;   

We’ve loved every minute of our journey.

Our Mission

Clients come to us to get a clear understanding of how the funeral planning process works. We give them simple options along with a detailed breakdown about this process. Caskets, cemetery plots, cremation, grave markers, urns etc. Anything that is discussed with our clients that they decide to purchase is put in writing. A contract is put in place for both the client and the company records. Our mission is transparency. What we agree on with a client is what we will deliver.

Our Vision

Our vision is to simplify the funeral planning process, making it easier for families to have this discussion. The funeral industry has developed a stigma that causes people to avoid the topic all together. We would like to see people have an open dialog on this subject because it is a major part of their financial planning as well. We no longer want to only have this conversation when a family member is in hospice or battling with alzheimer's. Our vision is to have families make this a part of their basic future planning. This topic should be put on the table with retirement, saving, investing, college etc.

We Care.


Welcoming New Clients

Our staff is comprised of individuals with different backgrounds, genders, races, religions, all with one common goal; to serve you and your family for generations to come.


We take pride in building relationships with our clients. 86% of our business is done face to face between agent and client. There is something powerful in someone shaking your hand and delivering on a promise that they made to your face.

Rapid Growth

Since 2001 we have grown to over 100,000 clients through transparency, relationships, referrals and delivering the promise that we made to each and every family.

Sharing The good news

Our clients have become our advocates. We simply focus on doing the best job possible, and in return they happily share the news with their friends and family members. We are proud to tell the world that we have received over one million referrals to date. A referral is the best thank you that you could receive from a client.

What our clients are saying

I purchased a casket on the FESOA website for $999.00. It was the exact same casket that the funeral home was trying to sell us for $4,800.00. I ordered the casket for my fathers funeral in the morning when I got to work, and it was delivered to the funeral home before I got off work at 5:00 pm. Three months later I ordered a flat grave marker for my father off of the website as well. The staff is very hands on and professional. I just wanted to say thank you.

A. Dickerson- Brooklyn NY