With FESOA by your side, you'll have expert guidance in managing your future funeral needs, so you can focus on the things that matter most, like living your life to the fullest.

Funeral planning is a major part of your Estate planning. While the word “estate” may conjure images of vast property, it really just means your assets—like your home, bank account, and personal possessions. Everyone has an estate, and it’s important to create—and regularly re-evaluate—the plan for what will happen to your estate after you’re gone. Creating a funeral plan in advance takes that portion of the burden off of your family.


Many people only consider funeral planning in advance when they get older, sick, or experience the death of a close relative. But there are so many other reasons why pre-planning is key. It removes the burden of  burial planning away from your family while they are trying to grieve. Savings. You lock in today's prices for a future funeral.



A cremation is the most affordable way to honor a loved one at death.


We offer the most elegant caskets to our clients directly from our inventory.

cemetery plots

You want your loved one final resting place to be plush, well kept and convenient. Our over 18,000 available cemetery plots across the country, offers just that.

When and Where We Work

FESOA staff and over 900 agents across the US are striving to make funeral planning a seamless process. Together, we span a wide variety of nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. But one common goal unites us every day; strengthening our clients’ ability to plan and save. 


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